After many days of strange and inclement weather, none of which were conducive to harvesting, we finally started harvesting elderflowers for tincture production. We only have 2 mature trees but have planted 5 more for following years. Luckily, our hedgerows and parks have plenty, as does our local nature reserve. Nettles next we think.
Jacqui has also been inspired by the flowers of different plants growing on the farm and after some communing and tuning in has been instructed to make some flower essences.
So far, she has made Dandelion, Valerian, Buttercup and the Ox Eye Daisies are enticing her to make some from them too, and so she will, next week, hopefully when the sun is out again.
Continuing on with the polytunnel saga......just when we thought we'd never get the darn plastic on, all of a sudden the wind dropped and we all rushed towards the tunnel to get going. A few extra bodies in the shape of Bruce and Mary Ann lent a hand and after much yo heave ho-ing we can announce the plastic is on....Ta Dah!!! (applause please). An odd but rewarding time to spend a saturday night! And now we need beery goodness to celebrate but sadly we had none except the odd swig from Bruce's cider (much appreciated!).