Today was planting up a very large bed with nettles that we had dug up from elsewhere on the farm and comfrey. We are trying to fill a large 100ft bed and have thus far managed about a third of it. Still its good to see the plants in at last, since we made a vow not to let that bed go over to weeds like we did last year (it was all a bit too much ) and we forgot to mulch it, but live and learn!

We raised the level of some of our beds due to waterlogging and when I say waterlogging I mean sump like and squishy like a big old sponge !! We were amazed that the plants survived, but they are a hardy lot. Still , it gave us a chance to divide up our balsamita plants and planted up most of another bed from the divisions. Then it was back to the homestead for hearty grog !