Continuing in this glorious weather, today's activities were mainly building work on the straw bale roundhouse, a bit of digging in the herb field and rescuing the feverfews that were damaged in the incredibly wet months at the beginning of the year. We lost a few things to the wet, so will have to replace them, which means reduced yields of those herb tinctures. But, that's the weather for you. Nature has informed us that raised beds are the way to go so that's what we are doing.
A big shout out to all friends and family for the spontaneous assistance in moving and carrying all the wood for the roundhouse, including the youngsters.
At 2 o'clock, work ceased, and the play commenced, with family and friends. There was an Easter Egg Hunt for the youngsters, and much sitting around chatting, eating, drinking and generally chilling to the Reggae playlist put together by Steve and Jacqui!